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Thirty years ago Metho Travelers was started by a group of ladies from Lakeview United Methodist Church in Sun City AZ.  The original idea was to have a social outing for the entire congregation to enjoy fellowship and support the church's ministry in the community through travel. 

What started out as a small ladies group from the church has blossomed into a viable group that serves both the community as well as the congregation in providing leisure excursions. 

Trips are planned with our age group in mind.  We strive to provide quality trips that will appeal to our congregation and the community.  All trips are planned to provide a modest income over cost.  When appropriate and available, portions of this income are contributed to the church. 

The Metho Travelers Board meets monthly to plan travel at the Lakeview United Methodist Church in Sun City, AZ.

For more information please visit www.lakeviewumc.net



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